Saturday, November 20, 2010

Romantic Zara

why is it always about the LBD (little black dress)
what about the LWD (do i really need to spell this one out)
well here's Zara with the perfect one
at HK$499 (double take on the tag)
it's BB!(best buy)

Photo:Fashion Gone Rogue


my Balmain's and Nick's DIY Converse
dancing on Lan Kwai Fong street

I want Lanvin

these are favorites but that doesn't mean i'm not
gonna try on the other fabulousness. if my budget permits, 
i would get all of 'em.


Sunday, November 14, 2010

unexpected past

it seems like a different reality when i see photos of me
with short blond hair cos it feels like a long long time ago.
This one photo featured in an article for Rogue Magazine October 2010
was taken 12 years ago (forget about my age)
and it's such an unexpected but great memoire of the past.
the  article talked about how the 24 hour party people (me included)
 just wore what they wanted and danced.
No judgment!
 Thanks Eddie Boy for bringing back good memories.
 Oh! and that's a Pokemon shirt i'm wearing.
I loved that shirt!