Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Oldie But Goodie

I have never forgotten a long time love and obsession of mine. I'm still on a look out for these gorgeous Balenciaga Diamante Sandals on ebay. Anyone who has these pair in 36 please just let it go and sell it to me. I die!

Photo: Polyvore

Monday, November 17, 2008


My gramdma use to have this box of costume jewelry in her room, that was used for Flores de Mayo back in the 80's. So when I had the chance to visit her I looked for the box but only found a few pieces left, damn. I got about five rhinestone necklaces and some chandelier earrings and bracelets and I made it into one big chunky necklace. Then I saw this picture from the net and it was like the necklace I made (of course this one is crafted really well) but the idea was similar.So now I'm in love with Tom Binns and I'm so inspired by his designs. I wish I could own a piece.Promise to show you my creation soon when my husband lends me his camera.

Photo : Polyvore

The Obama Party

Celebrating the new president elect and Marah's birthday
with friends, dimsum,champagne,
tequila, pole dancing and hip hop at Soda and Dragon I.

H&M fringe top, Izzue tuxedo jacket,Tsubi Skinny jeans,Christian Louboutin pumps,DIY jewelry